Friday, October 24th @11.30am: Reina Sofia Museum Visit!

The museum is mainly dedicated to Spanish art. We will have the possibility to discover the museum through the eyes of Syracuse Art Professor Patricia Espinosa.

  Free activity/10€ refundable deposit.

Deadline to sign up Tuesday, October 28th

Meeting Point: Outside Reina Sofia Museum

Thursday, October 30th @ 6.45pm: Flamenco Show!

If you have yet to experience an authentic flamenco show, then this is your chance!

Free activity / 5€ refundable deposit.

Deadline to sign up: Wednesday, October 22nd

 Meeting Point: Outside Metro Plaza España (line 3). Exit C/Leganitos

Have you been to main museums in Madrid?

Madrid houses some of the most important ones in Europe!!

Thyssen Museum:

Reina Sofia Museum:

Prado Museum:

Madrid Welcomes You

Visiting Madrid? Find out where to go.

Madrid is one of Spain's most popular destinations and is renowned for its large quantity of cultural attractions. Retiro Park is a magnificent park, filled with beautiful sculptures and monuments, galleries and a peaceful lake. It host to a variety of events!

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SU Madrid, your chance to get the most unique academic and personal experience abroad!

Get the courses you need in the language you want (English/Spanish) and add to your degree some unique courses that you´d never be able to study in the US.

Make your experience abroad different and worthwhile, SU Madrid is your Academic place in the World!


Ebola case in Spain

As a follow up to my message from two days ago (see below), you should know that we continue to monitor the situation very closely. We have been in touch with all the host families and all the professors to identify possible risks, if any.

Yesterday several staff members participated in an information session organized by APUNE, the Spanish association of American study abroad program in Spain. As a result of this meeting, in addition to the recommendations listed in my previous message, I add the following ones:

·  Students should not hesitate to call SUM's emergency phone if feeling ill.
·  Exercise appropriate hygiene: "if it's not your fluid, don't touch it".
·  Avoid direct contact with any individual with an unexplained feverish illness.
· Follow US State department warnings about restricted travel to countries.
·  Avoid the Carlos III hospital in Madrid, as well as the Hospital Universitario de Alcorcón.

Also, I encourage you to read the Ebola Awareness Guide at

You may have heard that a first case of Ebola contagion has been diagnosed in Spain. The patient is nurse who was part of the medical team who took care of the two Spanish priests who were flown back to Spain from Africa some weeks ago, both of whom died of the disease.

The local authorities are quite surprised by this contagion, since all possible safety measures were implemented during the transportation and treatment of the Spanish priests. In any case, the patient is now in a hospital north of Madrid, quite far from the Instituto Internacional and the areas where we all lead our daily activities.

Here you will find some additional information about this patient:…

Also, please take the time to visit the Ebola page of the World Health Organization to learn more about this disease:

Most importantly, please visit the International ISOS webpage, which has a series of fundamental measures and recommendations to prevent contagion:…

We are monitoring the situation very closely, and we will of course keep you updated of any important developments. I also encourage you to watch the local news!

Best regards,

Dr. Dieter Roberto Kuehl



SU Madrid, your chance to get the most unique academic and personal experience abroad! Get the courses you need in the language you want (English/Spanish) and add to your degree some unique courses that you´d never be able to study in the US. SU Madrid is your Academic place in the World!


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SU Madrid has arranged for several academic excursions and activities throughout the beginning of the semester, which are meant to complement your educational experience. We pride ourselves in doing it better than anybody else!



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Madrid Global Ambassadors! Meet our students!

Are you curious about how your time in Madrid will be like?
Or what it can be? You can contact alums that has been in Madrid before and they are happy to help. Meet more alumni ready to share their advice and experiences with you!



The Host Family experience.

"Living in a foreign country with people you have never met before is always a very nerve wracking experience. Are they going to like me? Are we going to get along? What will they be like?". Alyssa Agosto, Spring 2014.

"In mid January arriving to Madrid was a culture shock. I had read up on Spain during my winter break in the states, but that is extremely different when you experience a place in person. Furthermore, it doesn’t help when one’s Spanish is.. Tina Lin, Spring 2014.


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