DAY TRIP TO VALENCIA: Friday, November 27th

VALENCIA offers a combination of AVANT-GARDE STYLE, CULTURE and MEDITERRANEAN SPIRIT, bound to captivate any visitor. There are thousands of thigs to discover!.

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Alternative Study Places in Madrid

Tired of studying in the library? Do you miss studying in coffee shops?

Check out these cafés and parks that provide a relaxed atmosphere to help make your studying a little easier.


Have you been to main museums in Madrid?

Madrid houses some of the most important ones in Europe!!

Thyssen Museum:

Reina Sofia Museum:

Prado Museum:

Madrid Welcomes You

Visiting Madrid? Find out where to go.

Madrid is one of Spain's most popular destinations and is renowned for its large quantity of cultural attractions. Retiro Park is a magnificent park, filled with beautiful sculptures and monuments, galleries and a peaceful lake.

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Academic Experience Abroad

SU Madrid, your chance to get the most unique academic and personal experience abroad!

Get the courses you need in the language you want (English/Spanish) and add to your degree some unique courses that you´d never be able to study in the US.

Make your experience abroad different and worthwhile, SU Madrid is your Academic place in the World!


Message from the SU Madrid Director

Dear All,

In light of the horrific events that took place in Paris last Friday, and more recent developments in other cities such as Brussels and Hannover, independent student travel to large European cities is being discouraged, but not forbidden. If you decide to go, you must take the following required steps prior to departing:

1. Complete the Independent Travel form.

2. Have the center emergency phone number with you, and travel with proper tools to communicate effectively (email access, cell phone and charger, etc.).

3. Register your trip itinerary with the International SOS MyTrips travel tracker. To do so, you should enter the SU membership number at the top of the page for member login. The member number is 11BCPA000177. After logging in, the MyTrips Personal Travel Locator can be found on the right-hand side of the screen. Follow the steps under the MyTrips portal to register

4. Inform your host families of your travel plans.

Finally, be prudent! Avoid situations or behavior that could possibly put you at needless risk!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Dr. Kuehl



SU Madrid, your chance to get the most unique academic and personal experience abroad! Get the courses you need in the language you want (English/Spanish) and add to your degree some unique courses that you´d never be able to study in the US. SU Madrid is your Academic place in the World!


Student Activities

SU Madrid has arranged for several academic excursions and activities throughout the beginning of the semester, which are meant to complement your educational experience. We pride ourselves in doing it better than anybody else!




Madrid boasts one of the most packed calendars of activities, concerts, festivals, shows, sports events and exhibitions in the world.
Take a peek at our newsletter and start planning your next visit.



Madrid Global Ambassadors! Meet our students!

Are you curious about how your time in Madrid will be like?
Or what it can be? You can contact alums that has been in Madrid before and they are happy to help.
Meet more alumni ready to share their advice and experiences with you!



The Host Family experience.

"Living in a foreign country with people you have never met before is always a very nerve wracking experience. Are they going to like me? Are we going to get along? What will they be like?". Alyssa Agosto, Spring 2014.

"In mid January arriving to Madrid was a culture shock. I had read up on Spain during my winter break in the states, but that is extremely different when you experience a place in person. Furthermore, it doesn’t help when one’s Spanish is.. Tina Lin, Spring 2014.


Academic Calendar

Students Activity

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Activities Calendar


Don't miss our activities calendar. Take advantage of this opportunity to practice your Spanish and make local friends!


Local Time

time.jpgTime in Madrid:

Signature Seminars


Our highlight. Don´t miss our travelling seminars that will introduce you into the culture!


Travel Form

travel_form.jpgPlanning to travel outside of Madrid? Make sure to complete a travel form.

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